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The culture of tulips and tulips came together with the Anatolian Turks. After the conquest of Istanbul, the city was rehabilitated and the gardens, palaces and treasures restored with the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet himself were adorned with tulips. It is one of the greatest factors in the acceptance of all the letters of the word 'Allah' when the tulips are written with the Arabic letters. According to the method of Abraq, it means that the word of Allah and the tulip is equivalent to the same number, It is written with arabic letters and if it is read in reverse, it is a crescent or moon. The hilal or moon is the emblem of the Ottoman state. For this reason the tulip has a separate place in Ottoman culture. Join Devr-i Lale collection which is among the antiques of your future and reflect on the Ottoman culture with your life.

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